We measure movement and occupancy rate in public spaces and buildings. We create evidence-based knowledge on how people move, where they are located and when.


Sensor technology makes it possible to replace random samples and historic numbers with continuous measurements. The result is a very solid data set – big data which can be turned into decisions and tangible actions.


The information can be used in a variety of ways including city planning, mapping tourists’ and customers’ behaviour, determining number of visitors in public buildings and shopping centres, as well as creating an overview of available study- and workspaces in office buildings.


We measure movement and occupancy rate in rooms, buildings, nature sites, city quarters and national regions.



Big data creates new knowledge


Our sensors create big data and thereby knowledge on actual movement patterns which it is not possible to obtain with other methods.


It is possible to map the movements of visitors in a store, a shopping center, an amusement park, a city quarter or a national region. We can collect data in both a single building and across multiple locations.


Large data sets create valid data. The patterns and tendencies acquired from the numbers have great statistic certainty.


Visitor patterns


Sensor measurements make it possible to supplement your knowledge on your visitors with knowledge that was previously unobtainable.







It is possible to map movement patterns of any type such as:


  • Distribution of visitors on hours, days and weeks

  • The length of their visit

  • Movement patterns across separate locations


The latter option is possible because our sensors recognise visitors who have previously been noticed by one of our sensors in a different location.


Our sensors can be placed both inside and outside.


Occupancy rate


Occupancy rate is calculated on the basis of data from the sensors. We have a variety of sensors, which can be used to measure occupancy rate. We can also combine sensor types to create a unique solution for the client. Some sensors are suitable for measuring the number of people in an area whereas other sensors can determine the exact location of people.


The sensors can be placed by entrances, in walking areas, and in certain rooms. It all depends on your information needs.


We create solutions to measure movement patterns and occupancy rates for:



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