Our sensor solution can give you new information about the movement patterns of your customers in one store or between multiple stores.


This information will create an overview of whether the layout and signage of a store is as good as it can be. It will also give you insight into how long your customers stay in the store on average.


Currently most retail stores are able to document their turnover constantly. They know how many items are sold, how many people they have served, and at what time of the day or week they have the highest revenue. These economic key numbers might answer some questions but there is much more information to obtain.


The information we can give you can add to the knowledge you have from your sales numbers. This way you will get a whole new level of information that can help you improve sales and customer experience in your store.


Customer flow in the store

How many people are in the store – including those who purchase nothing.


Busyness in the store

The amount of people in the store compared to the average time customers spend in the store brings insight about how busy the store is.



Movements in the store

How do your customers move around the store? Do they make their way around the entire store, or is only a small part of your store crowded?



How good is the location of one store within a shopping center or on a shopping street? We measure the division of customers in a shopping area, which enables us to gain knowledge on how exposed one store is to the customers based on its location.


We have experience measuring movement patterns in grocery stores, shopping centers and shopping streets.


Our solution is easy to adapt to both small and large stores or shopping centers .It depends on how many sensors we will use - the bigger the area the bigger the amount of sensors.


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