We offer intelligent building management that adapts to the people who use and influence the building. This gives you a living building that regulates itself and therefore both have better indoor climate and provide energy savings.


Building management is an expensive part of a building. It is expensive to pull cables, set up and test installations. Our solution is based on wireless sensors, and it provides fewer setup and installation costs.


Wireless control of everything from air conditioning to outdoor professionals

The sensors measure on different factors such as heat or CO2 and report levels. If an action is needed, an automatic message will be sent to the relevant facility, such as the air conditioner.


Intelligent building management can control:


  • Heat
  • Air conditioner
  • Open / closed doors
  • Soundwalls
  • Outdoor blinds
  • Opening and closing of roof windows
  • Door locks


There is wireless communication all the way from the sensors to the technical installations.


Flexible and tailor made solutions

We are experts in development and offer tailored solutions that can solve your building management needs.


Whether it's a residential property, a library, a school, a sports hall, a museum with many hundreds of thousands of visitors a year or something else, we can find a solution.


Your benefit is better indoor climate, energy savings and living buildings that are constantly adapting to the people who are in the building.


Supported widespread protocols

Our solution supports the most widely used protocols such as wireless M-Bus, Modbus, and bacnet. Therefore, at this time, we can communicate with most systems.


We are flexible and open to development so we can implement your solution, regardless of the system your existing system uses.


Secure and encrypted connection

All connections between our devices are encrypted and all data shipments are encrypted.


Our data center complies with the state's data security requirements.