Get a professional overview of your building


A combination of sensor technology and data analysis creates a very strong data set that shows the actual conditions in a building.


We make solutions for private homes, workplaces, classrooms, and public buildings. We also have solutions that make it possible to give a greater overview in the building phase of both large and small building projects.



The many benefits of monitoring your building

  • Better knowledge about the actual indoor climate

  • Exact knowledge about where your building needs improvement

  • A greater basis for decision making in a renovation process

  • Data that supports the users' "experience" or "feeling" of the indoor climate

  • Reveals high energy consumption

  • Healthier indoor climate

  • Supports the development of initiatives to create new habits such as airing

  • Documentation that your implemented repairs and improvements bear results

  • Helps you make improvements to get a better workplace assessment

  • Overview of the indoor climate all year

  • Evidence that shows how the building is used

  • Monitoring of areas of the building that are particularly critical

  • Enables you to react fast when leaks occur

  • Data that can be used for building management steering



What can we measure?

There are many possibilities and ways to get information about a building.

Our sensors can for example measure: temperature, humidity, noise levels, CO2 level, carbon monoxide and air pollution.



Fast and easy

The sensors are placed in the rooms you want to monitor. Our sensors are wireless and run on battery. Therefore they can be place everywhere. Their range is >75 m.


Our communication uni – the nDEC – must be plugged in for power, and Wi-Fi or GSM. That’s it - they are now ready to measure.  

Live data, history, reports and prognoses

You have easy access to the collected data, which you can get in many different ways depending on your needs or the needs of your client.


Live data via app

Our app depicts the current indoor climate in the shape of red, yellow and green smileys.

The app sends you notifications via text message, push notifications or email when the registered values are either too high or too low. Thus it gives you the possibility to act fast.


History on the web app:

All data is arranged on the website. There you find graphs depicting the indoor climate over time in order to give you an overview of the day or the year.


You also have the possibility to draw out the data you find necessary, which you can then use for further processing.


Reports and prognosis:

We can summarise and process all the collected data for you in a report. This solution is the most time-efficient for you.


The reports will be generated within agreed upon intervals, such as monthly, and will include the content we have agreed upon. If you need to compare the collected data with some of your other information such as visitor numbers, turnover, or data from another building, that is entirely possible.



Watch our video on indoor climate in your home




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