Linux developer with capabilities in both low level hardware/software interfaces as well as high level programming interfaces towards data center (cloud) and different databases as Cassandra and MariaDB.

Keywords: Buildroot, GO, Java, Cassandra, Docker, Jelastic, Raspberry Pi, Communication Protocols, Wireless Sensor Networks, IO-interfaces (I2C, UART, SPI, analog interfaces) &TI-RTOS.

It´s a plus if you know about the following: TI-RTOS power optimization or any other low power mcu power optimization, mcu digital and analog interfaces, memory optimization in low power systems, ADCs, low power RF interface development experience, C.


We offer an exciting job with the opportunity to emphasize your own work tasks. You become part of a small development team, working with all stages of development from idea development, coding and testing. The communication in the team is in English and Danish.


We are an innovative company, where all employees are focused on developing and delivering solutions to our customers. Your workplace will be placed in the middle of Aarhus C.


Send your CV and a short application in English. We invite applicants in for a cup of coffee and an interview as soon as we hear from them.




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