New Nordic Engineering is participating in a research project about smart energy and ventilation in shopping-malls. The project is a joint venture between the Danish Technological Institute, Aalborg University, DEAS, Neogrid Technologies Aps, A-Comfort Aps, Exhausto A/S, Lodam Electronics A/S and New Nordic Engineering A/S.


The project runs until September 2019. During this time, we will help develop and demonstrate solutions and spread the knowledge gained in the project regarding innovative energy flexible solutions for shopping-malls.


The project will incorporate aspects such as  indoor climate, control of heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting, renewable energy, energy storage and utilization of waste heat.


Currently, our sensors collect measurements in three stores in a shopping center. The shops are divided into 2-4 zones.



The measurements will be used to identify temperature differences in temperatures inside stores, so that ventilation can be made to fit the needs. The goal is a better indoor climate and energy savings.


New Nordic Engineering will in particular contribute with development of an intelligent climate sensor systems and software for intelligent control and communication.



The results of the development work will be demonstrated in two shopping-malls at the end of the project period.