BIM AARHUS invited to a meeting about  BIG DATA and SMART DATA. 


BIG DATA describes large volumes of data, be it either structured or unstructured that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. Conversely, SMART DATA describes data that has valid, well-defined, meaningful information that can expedite information processing.


In connection with the design, construction and use of a building, very large amounts of data are created and stored. How do we utilize and use this data to create value for owners and users. Today, a building exists not only as a physical form but also as a database.

Our CEO Stig Dahl-Hansen is invited to hold a presentation on occupancy in buildings. At New Nordic Engineering we have developed several ways to collect data that makes it possible to document how a building is us.


Bo Fristed Head of ITK (Innovation, Technology and Creativity) and Søren Dall-Hansen Digitalization Manager, Aarhus Municipality are also giving prensetations.


The meeting is open for everyone. Admission free.


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