Our data collection on tourists' movements in East Jutland has received press coverage this past week.


Most recently TV2 Østjylland, a Danish news channel, had a piece about data collection and tourism. It featured  Tourism Director Flemming Rasmussen from Destination Djursland and his thoughts on the background for collection data about tourists' travels.


You can see the  program (in Danish) from TV2 Østjylland here:

Our equipment detects signals from mobile phones in a radius of approx. 30 m. The measuring points are typically located at entrances and exits at typical tourist attractions; museums, amusement parks, scenic nature lookouts, but also in shopping areas close to tourist areas.


That way it is possible to see if tourists make use of one or more offers in the same city.



Read our blog post on the use of big data in tourism here (in English)