This week Forenede Care A/S opened the doors to their new rehabilitation center in Ringsted - Ringstedhave Neurorehabiliteringscenter. The rehabilitation center comprises 15 single rooms, each with a private bathroom.


New Nordic Engineering has developed and installed sensors in all rooms and common areas. The sensors are part of the automatic emergency alarm – a safety solution that ensures help for the residents if they need it.


The sensor-based solution automatically notifies the care assistants if anything unusual happens. This means that the residents can get immediate help even when they are unable to call for help themselves.


IR-sensors register temperature differences in each room in order to locate people and whether they are sitting, standing or lying down. The  system learns the habits of the residents. This way they know where it is normal for a person to sit or lie for an extended period of time.

If the sensors register an unusual action, such as a person lying or sitting in an irregular place, it notifies the care assistants.


The residents also have the option to manually call for help using a manual emergency call button. At the same time they can cancel an alarm that has been sent to the care assistants.


The residents at Ringstedhave suffer from acquired brain injuries caused by strokes, brain tumours, infections, poisoning, lack of oxygen or head trauma.


All residents at Ringstedhave are there on a temporary stay which varies from four weeks to six months. It is also possible to have a shorter stay in order to improve or refresh certain abilities or learn new ones.


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