At New Nordic Engineering, we use sensors for data collection to help our customers explore movement patterns.


Sensors gives large amounts of data and thus high statistical assurance that the measurements reflect the actual conditions we measure.


At the moment we collect data about movements outside stores of different types.


It's always very exciting when we extract the first datasets in a project. This gives us the first indicators of how the movement patterns are.


Below are three different patterns from three places in the same city.


Shop in side street


The graph above shows 35 days of measurements. Sundays (and Easter days) are marked quite clearly with large dives in the number of people in the street. It is also seen that the majority of people are passing the store on the first days of the week.






Open seven days a week

The graph shows 25 days of measurements at a store that is open every day. Here are a large number of customers at the store every single day.


Cafe and party zone


This graph shows 35 days of measurements in a street with several bars and cafes. Here are weekends marked with many visitors and fewer visitors during week days.


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