Our project manager Andrew Khoudi has been appointed as one of nine candidates, who, with the support of the Innovation Fund and Realdania, will write a PhD-project. 


Common to the nine projects is that they will help make cities and buildings smarter and more sustainable in the future.


During the project period, Andrew will work for Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma A / S and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. He will be assigned to Aarhus School of Architecture - Research Lab 2.

The headline for Andrews's project is "people behavior". Measurements of human behavior in a building will help develop predictive models so that the future user experience can be improved.


Sensor measurements, data processing and AI can create a digital twin of a building. Continuous data collection will ensure a more precise match between model and reality.


 We are looking forward to follow the findings in Andrews's project!