The automatic emergency alarm is a unique care solution that ensures help for the citizen when it is needed – completely automatic.


The sensor-based solution notifies the caretakers when something unusual happens in the citizen’s residence. This creates a greater feeling of safety in the citizen’s everyday life, frees more time for the caretakers, and reduces overall costs in the nursing sector.



Why you should choose the automatic emergency alarm


  • It ensures help for the citizen regardless of the citizen’s ability to operate a call button

  • A flexible solution, which can be expanded and moved on demand

  • It is possible to use the solution temporarily making it a good option for rehabilitation

  • Makes it possible to reduce costs related to unnecessary security home visits and unsuccessful home visits where the citizen is not at home

  • A cheaper and more user friendly complete solution that replaces up to six different installations

  • The installation can be performed without technical assistance




Ensures help for all citizens


The unique advantage of this solution is that the emergency alarm will be sent automatically.


This makes the automatic emergency alarm an intelligent alternative to the traditional manual call buttons where, in order to receive assistance, the citizen must manually push a button.



The automatic emergency alarm is revolutionary because it also notifies the caretakers in situations where:


  • The citizen is unconscious.

  • The citizen forgets to wear the manual call button.

  • The citizen does not want to wear the manual call button.

  • The mental condition of the citizen makes it impossible for the citizen to operate the manual call button.

  • The citizen panics and forgets to push the call button.





How it works


The complete solution includes:


  • Wireless sensors

  • A collection unit

  • A manual call button


The sensors divide an area into 64 squares and measures the temperature within the squares. Solely based on measuring differences in temperature in an area the sensors are able to locate people in a room and identify whether they are standing, sitting, or lying down.


The sensors measure continuously creating an overall image that represents the citizen’s usual habits.

When an unusual event occurs the automatic emergency alarm notifies the caretakers.



Four events that will trigger an alarm

  • If the citizen is in the same place longer than usual

  • If the citizen is lying in a spot where usually no one is lying down

  • If the citizen has not been in a room in a predefined period of time

  • If the citizen is in an area where the citizen should not be


The complete solution includes a manual call button as a supplement to the automatic emergency alarm. The manual call button bears resemblance to the traditional body-worn call button, which some older citizens use.


The manual call button makes it possible for the citizen to independently request assistance or to cancel an alarm.


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