We find sensor technology facinating! We are excited about the many applications that are for sensors. The difference they can make in an ordinary everyday life, and we work hard to make the technology available and applicable to the most possible people - regardless of technical insights.


More than just measurements

Our unique sensor solutions are designed for use inside and between buildings. We measure behavior and climate.


We deliver more than raw data. We provide interpretations, meaning and consequences. As simple visualizations, cross-cutting models, current  climate control or historical reports.


Our solutions are self-supporting, which means that they only require power to work. No cables or other systems.


Contact and integration to other systems is via TCP / IP and common building protocols connected to RJ45 cables or WiFi. 


Connections to our sensors and connections to external systems are made through our "connector" - nDEC. These are placed so that they cover the desired area by a distance of 50-100 m. For overlap, they provide increased operational reliability. All data sent encrypted.


Our sensors are placed where a measurement is desired and they will connect themselves to the nearest nDEC located within 100 m. Many of our sensors are battery powered and do not require a power supply.


We have the option of upgrading the devices, doing enhanced monitoring, location comparator, and more when the sensors are in contact with our central hosting system. This can be done via a GSM connection in an nDEC or via a shared internet connection. However, a CTS system will always work without a connection.


A new nDEC or sensor is placed in the network and connects itself. There is no additional physical installation.


Technology for all

Many different types of people need to use our systems. Their needs are different. Our browser-based application can solve all needs, and enables us to customize our solutions to an organization's special needs, or provide standard needs quickly to many users.


Our operations center ensures that this is done in an encrypted and secure manner. The operating center also manages all installations and updates software on all of our devices.