We deliver solutions that measure buildings on the inside and the outside! New Nordic Engineering measures gasses, noise, humidity, temperature, and movement. We create here-and-now information about the life in the building, and the building’s life. We preserve the performance history and compile prognoses based on the collected information. We transmit information on mobile devices, on websites, or in reports. We send warnings and notifications when needed.


Our solutions are simple to establish in both new and already existing constructions. The solutions are flexible so they can be used alone and be a part of other solutions. Our solutions have the comprehensiveness to be used in several buldings simultaneously, and can present information with other data sets and reference models.


Our solutions vary from simple solutions in a summer house to complex solutions with thousands of units in larger complexes of buildings. We are familiar with, and can deal with, challenges with establishment and integration of digital solutions regarding employees and data security. 


A new company with 70 years of experience

70 years ago Søren Jensen A/S was established to create engineering art. In 2014 the same owners established New Nordic Engineering with a goal to create change in the sector of construction. New building types and opportunities for application require knowledge. Knowledge about what happens in buildings, and how they are used. Our role is to deliver solutions that can do this. We do it with known technologies or create new ones, if they do not exist.


We are located in Aarhus – a dynamic university town, which can contribute to the product development and deliver the competent employees that we need.


Our primary role is to offer solutions for buildings, but we also see it as our role to gather and spread knowledge about technologies regarding measurements and infrastructural information in buildings. Because of this, we participate in conferences, publish articles, and continuously seek new collaborators.


Contact us

If you are interested in hearing more about our solutions, or if you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us.